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Tea and Tunes…Minus Tea

The high note of this weekend is the concert my husband and I will be attending tomorrow. I’m so very excited about being able to see The Choir, Mike Roe of The 77’s, and Kevin Max perform live. I truly never thought I’d ever get to see these guys on stage. While Kevin Max has had several concerts close enough for us to attend in theory, turning that theory into reality has proven quite difficult. Such is the life of the low income family, I suppose. I’m truly thankful for artists such as these who are putting their music out there and offering some of it for free from time to time. So for today’s music, I’ll share some of my favorite songs, one from each of these artists. I hope you will see the beauty in them, too.

This one is one of my most favorite songs of all. I love the VIVID imagery painted by the lyrics. My mother listened to some of the lyrics and asked me, “Why?” I guess she didn’t see the beauty I did.

And this song from Mike Roe of The 77’s always makes me smile.

Okay, so this can’t possibly be a favorite yet…since it’s his new album. I still want to share it. Kevin Max has such a wonderful voice – great range and clarity, and a sort of velvety smoothness that’s extremely easy to listen to. Click here to enjoy his newest album “Broken Temple.” Here is one of my favorite songs, probably because if you listen to the song, then watch the video, it’s just…odd…and artistic…and wonderful.

If you like what you’re hearing, you can find the The Choir here, The 77’s here, and Kevin Max here. Any of these artists can be found in many places online. Don’t forget to support them by sharing their work and making a purchase when and if you are able. Thanks for listening!

Now about that ‘minus tea’ bit…well, I neglected to bring our tea along for the trip. Ah, well. What’s done is done. I will doubly enjoy it when next I have a warm cup. See you next time!