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Coffee and Tunes

John and I are starting our morning off with the delicious sounds of percolating coffee and melodic dubstep. I hope you enjoy your coffee, tea, or cocoa while checking out these tunes.

My apologies for sharing only two tunes with you today. Our internet isn’t the best and it seems to get worse every day. It is what it is. At least we have internet access and can connect with people. So I wonder how I will shine today. How will you?

Coffee and Tunes

Yes. It’s 4:23 and I’m drinking some coffee. It’s the last bit that was in the pot and coffee is too precious to waste. I couldn’t get YouTube to work for some odd reason so I’ll be sharing tunes from SoundCloud today. I hope you’ll enjoy them just as much! If you’ve never checked out SoundCloud, you should definitely browse the site while you have a chance. Musicians from all over can upload and share their work, whether they are just starting out or have done a few gigs. There are even some who are really going strong in the music industry! The theme I chose for today is ‘solace’, mainly because it was one of the titles of the songs that pulled up in my YouTube suggestions but goodness knows, we all could do with a bit of serenity after a hectic day’s work and music is one area in which I find solace. I hope you will enjoy these tunes. 🙂

Now Listening To…

As I went through this week, so many thoughts about myself, my attitude, my perception of things around me, swirled around in my head. One thought popped up and stuck with me. We recently felt it was the best thing to move out of the church we were attending and search for another. We had (and still have) nothing against any of the people attending the church while we were there. But it was a church I grew up in. I’ve always been the type of person to avoid confrontations at all costs. While my non-combative, introverted behavior was good for that purpose, it was bad for other reasons. I realized this week that my behavior habits were also why I couldn’t really function at my maximum potential in this congregation. I always felt like I needed to be better, do better. And this wasn’t because of the people there. It was because of my own perception. I always seemed to revert to “children should be seen and not heard” when I walked through those doors. So now I have a reason for why I felt that way, a tangible, clearly worded reason. And I guess I needed that in order to move on. I don’t know for certain. All I know is I need to keep moving forward, keep growing, keep learning, keep reaching for my goals and dreams, keep reaching towards that maximum potential that I know is inside me. Sorry to get so wordy on a somewhat heavy topic. On with the tunes!

And here’s today’s long mix…

Tea and Tunes

Later than usual and we’re waiting again for the tea. It wasn’t a terrible day. I accomplished a lot at work, in school planning/work, even in my art! So I can’t say today was a bad day. And what could possibly end the day on an even happier note? Tunes and tea, of course! Please check out these tunes and give some love to the folks who brought them to your ears. 🙂 There are only two this time but the second one is really long.

Now Listening To…

I’m still working on my mixed media art projects. I have one panel done and I’m working on panel 2. The first panel screams sunshine, smiles, laughter, joy, freshness… The second panel has an outer space/sci-fi theme. I’m torn between hoping it turns out to be creepy-cute and just plain cute. Either way, it’s coming along nicely. I should be done with it tomorrow.

We had something of a family dance-a-thon tonight. *chuckle* So I’ll share some of the songs we listened to and finish up with either a chill mix or a melodic dubstep mix. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

OK…well, I found this one sitting in the sidebar and hadn’t heard it yet. And it’s pretty fantastic, in every way. I love the costumes and makeup and, as I’ve come to expect from Pentatonix, the vocal talent never ceases to amaze.

My husband is a super guy. And he knows me well. He bought a music book for me containing Oskar Schuster’s works, including this song, which I’m currently trying to learn. Our youngest baby goats have created a dance to go with it which they’ve affectionately dubbed, “Dance of the Suicide Sheep” in honor of MrSuicideSheep. We first heard Oskar Schuster’s work on that youtube channel so it seems appropriate.

As for this next song, ‘Speak Life’ by Toby Mac, the girls have decided it’s appropriate to dance the macarena to it. I don’t know. I don’t question. I just smile and nod and film. “Remember! This is for posterity so, be honest.” ~ The 6-Fingered Count from The Princess Bride

The first group dance our girls learned was in conjunction with backstage antics during their second children’s play. So this one holds many good memories for them, and if I’m honest, me, too.

And here’s the melodic dubstep mix I’m listening to now. I hope you’ll enjoy these and excuse me for being so wordy. There are some things I just want to share more about from time to time. 🙂