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Coffee and Tunes…

Getting ready for work and drinking coffee with my husband…listening to these tunes and more. Starting the day with music is pretty nice, eh? Someone once told me I should listen to Adele because they were certain I’d like her voice. They were right! I do like her voice. So the first song is one of hers and the last two are what I normally share…awesome instrumental tunes!


Tea and Tunes…

It’s really too late for tea and tunes…but here we are…again. Crunch time at the theater means later nights.

These are songs from my playlists on my phone. I usually listen to them at work but I decided to let them play when I plugged my phone in tonight. I hope you’ll enjoy them!


Now Listening To…

Steampunk and coffee and the ones you love around you…great way to start the day, I think. These are the videos I want to share with you today. My day is chaos already and I haven’t even really started. I’m already tackling several projects at once while getting ready to go to work. It’s no surprise I can’t remember stuff, I guess. LOL I hope you enjoy these tunes. Just some relatively norma

I’m particularly enjoying this last one. I really like the Fluidified channel on YouTube.

Nothing Says Summer Quite Like A Car Show…and Tunes

My husband and I were able to attend a car show during our stay with family. It’s been several years since the last car show we attended and we were pretty stoked. So I decided to share some of my photos with you. I hope you’ll enjoy them. And don’t forget to scroll down for the tunes!

So what kind of tune would you choose when thinking of classic cars and car shows? Something with punch? Something with a classic edge? Something with a lot of bass? Let’s see what I can find.

They played this one at the car show.

They played this one as we were leaving the venue and my husband sang along.

And this is one my husband thinks of when he thinks of classic cars and car shows.

Here’s a steady, smooth one that my husband also requested to go with this post.

I hope you enjoy the tunes and the photos! And if you get a chance, visit the Summit Racing store in McDonough, GA. The people are friendly and they host awesome stuff like this!

Now Listening To…

I’m still working on my mixed media art projects. I have one panel done and I’m working on panel 2. The first panel screams sunshine, smiles, laughter, joy, freshness… The second panel has an outer space/sci-fi theme. I’m torn between hoping it turns out to be creepy-cute and just plain cute. Either way, it’s coming along nicely. I should be done with it tomorrow.

We had something of a family dance-a-thon tonight. *chuckle* So I’ll share some of the songs we listened to and finish up with either a chill mix or a melodic dubstep mix. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

OK…well, I found this one sitting in the sidebar and hadn’t heard it yet. And it’s pretty fantastic, in every way. I love the costumes and makeup and, as I’ve come to expect from Pentatonix, the vocal talent never ceases to amaze.

My husband is a super guy. And he knows me well. He bought a music book for me containing Oskar Schuster’s works, including this song, which I’m currently trying to learn. Our youngest baby goats have created a dance to go with it which they’ve affectionately dubbed, “Dance of the Suicide Sheep” in honor of MrSuicideSheep. We first heard Oskar Schuster’s work on that youtube channel so it seems appropriate.

As for this next song, ‘Speak Life’ by Toby Mac, the girls have decided it’s appropriate to dance the macarena to it. I don’t know. I don’t question. I just smile and nod and film. “Remember! This is for posterity so, be honest.” ~ The 6-Fingered Count from The Princess Bride

The first group dance our girls learned was in conjunction with backstage antics during their second children’s play. So this one holds many good memories for them, and if I’m honest, me, too.

And here’s the melodic dubstep mix I’m listening to now. I hope you’ll enjoy these and excuse me for being so wordy. There are some things I just want to share more about from time to time. 🙂

Checked Out Some Different Tunes Today

Mouth of the South ~ If you like hard-hitting drums and lyrics, driving rhythms and metal music, you might like to check this group out. They’re on twitter and facebook, as well as YouTube. It’s not the kind of music I often listen to but from time to time, I do like a change of pace.

J Crum ~ If you like hip hop, rap, steady rhythms and solid lyrics, you might like to check out this artist. My husband really likes his work. Click his name for his official website but you can also find him on facebook, twitter and Sound Cloud, as well as YouTube. I really enjoyed listening to the music on his website.

So it’s not my usual kind of post but I do like to help folks get their artistic wares out to the people, especially when I like something about their work. I know not everyone will enjoy these but I hope they speak positively to someone who stops by my blog. 🙂 Enjoy!


Tunes For Taking A Break

The first one’s for my husband and the second one is because this is what I think of when I think of taking a break. Soothing rhythms. Something I can bury myself in. Good stuff…


Time For a Break…And Tunes

I’m going to be taking a break this weekend. At least, that is my intent. If I hear something I believe to be shareworthy, I’ll definitely share it here. If I do take the entire weekend to rest, it is my intent to pick up the posting again on Monday. See you then. Until then, here are the tunes I’m listening to. I’m checking out some Toby Mac tunes tonight. He always surprises me with a few wonderful gems. For those of you who don’t know him, he’s a Christian artist who’s been around for several years. He does a lot of rap and hip-hop but always faith centered. If you’re not interested in Christian music, then you might want to pass on this…but if you have never even heard the guy, you should give him a try. He’s pretty good!


Now Listening To…

…Music to scream and break to. When I find myself in a place where I feel my hands are tied and there isn’t much else I can do to fix whatever problems exist, I like to listen to a few good songs. They aren’t necessarily inspiring, or even awe-inspiring, but they remind me that I’m not the only person with troubles and tomorrow is a new day. A little music…a lot of prayer…I break…and then I heal.

The first two are from Manafest (rap), with the first one being an extra win for Naruto fans.

And a little Metallica (metal ballad)…

And a little Big Bang…this is not the Big Bang many of you are thinking of. *grin* (K-pop)